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    Table of Contents Defining Relative Humidity And Why It Matters To Your Plants How Does Low Humidity Affect Plants? Affordable Tips For I...
  • Beginner Guide: How To Set Up A Grow Tent

    Table of Contents Grab The Tools You’ll Need Unpack The Grow Tent Kit Construct the Tent Frame with Cloth Find Your Desired Ventilation Setup ...
  • How Far Should LED Grow Lights Be From Plants?

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  • How to Clean a Grow Tent

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  • Are Grow Lights Safe?

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  • What is Hydroponics and How Much Do Hydroponic Systems Cost?

    How can plants grow without soil? Horticulturists substitute other things for soil, including water, air, nutrients, growth mediums, and more.



  • LED vs HPS Grow Lights: Pros, Cons, and Details You Need To Know

    LED vs HPS grow lights. Which is better? Ultimately, the decision comes down to the grower, so learn everything you need to know about LED and HPS grow lights here.
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    Compare the features yourself to pick the right light for your grow operation.

  • 5 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

    Table of Contents Be Realistic Give Seeds a Chance Water Wisely Let There Be Light Be Aware of the Environment   Growing he...
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90 reviews
Good so far

Very much like the simplicity and ease of setup
Seems to work well. Still very early in use to evaluate light strength, but seems fine

Great fan and controller is great!

Super handy for controlling the heat and humidity in a grow tent. Haven’t used their fans for any other reason, but I’m sure all their stuff is great

NanoLux Maxpar DE MH Lamp with Outer Sleeve

SolarXtreme 500

Light works great, plants love it, very bright and runs cool.
Purchase with Kumanstek was easy,great price and fast delivery.
I’m happy with product and seller, thank you!

TrolMaster Legacy 4G Data Station