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Collection: Grow Light Movers

Why move your lights?

When we move the garden indoors, we need to simulate the sun, for which we use grow lights. Like the sun moves throughout the day, we need to move our grow lights. This ensures the plant receives light from multiple angles, and hits parts of the plant that would normally miss out on light in a stationary setting.

Reflective hoods and mylar wall coverings help get the most out of grow lights, but to become as efficient as possible, growers need to implement a light moving system.

More than 50% of stationary light is wasted, and while some growers try to alleviate this by adding more grow lights, this is not the answer. It is far more efficient to install a complete grow light moving system.

When we move our lights throughout the day we can increase light coverage by 30%, and penetrate deeper into the canopy.

What is a grow light mover?

A grow light mover is a system for moving grow lights along the plant canopy efficiently. They solve the issue of wasted light, while eliminating hot spots and shadows.

The most common type of light mover is the rail or track light mover. This system ranges in lengths, but 6’ is a common length. The light starts at one end, and slowly moves towards the other end. Once it gets there, it reverses and comes back the other way.

Circular light movers operate slightly differently, by rotating on arms similar to those of a ceiling fan.

Choosing the right light mover

The most important consideration other than price is the weight capacity of your light moving system, with the typical weight range being between 20-100lbs. Find out how much your grow lights weigh, and shop accordingly.

Most growers will be best suited purchasing a complete grow light mover system, but there may be times where it makes more sense to purchase rails and motors separately, or as replacements.

We also carry top of the line light mover products from Light Rail!

What are grow light mover rails?

These rails, or tracks, are used as part of a grow light mover system, along with a motor.

Grow light movers are an essential part of any serious indoor garden or greenhouse. Rail lengths vary, but typically come in 3-6' lengths.

When installed, the grow lights will slowly move along the rail, distributing light evenly along plant canopies. Once the light reaches one end, it reverses and comes back the other direction.

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